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The Main Course Market carries an array of delicious meals-to-go that are prepared each day in our kitchen.  We use only the finest ingredients and source locally whenever possible. We are a purveyor of quality fish delivered daily from local sources, premium all-natural meats, Boar’s Head deli, artisan cheeses, fresh-baked breads, specialty grocery items, gift baskets and fine wines.  It is our passion to provide our customers with exceptional quality, product expertise and unparalleled service.

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catering in Massachusetts
Five Ways To Customize Catering
Feb 09,2018

Catering is great. It provides food for a large sum of people, requires little effort on the host’s end, and has plenty of options. There are many ways you can make your catering experience unique, which results in a positive experience for everyone. As always, when you need quality catering in Massachusetts, contact The Main Course Market.   1.) Compliment Your Theme Do you have beach-inspired decor for your event? Get shellfish and other seaworthy items for guests to eat! People often think of catering as a standalone service, but it can be tethered to your theme if you put some thought into it and choose dishes that work with it. 2.) Fuse Cultures Don’t be afraid to order vastly different food options. Some people love Italian, while others can’t stand it. Satisfy everyone in the crowd by offering a variety of dishes instead of one type of food. It’s […]

catering in Massachusetts
How To Make Catering A Success
Jan 10,2018

When you invest in catering in Massachusetts, you want to be sure that it is successful. Even though professionals have everything set up and can do a good job, there are still some things you have to work with that will make your event and catering service a success. You can count on The Main Course Market to deliver strong results every time.   Find a trustworthy company First things first: find an established, reliable company that knows what they’re about to accomplish. You want to make sure that the team is full of experts and that they can do a good job. Otherwise, you won’t get the results you want and have a poor experience. Attend to everyone’s needs Before the event gets started, you want to be sure everyone feels comfortable and can enjoy the food they will eat. Ask about any dietary restrictions and make a note […]


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