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Chili: Warming Souls Across New England

    There’s no denying the cold air has settled into New England. While many vacations remain on hold, people are pulling out the comfort food recipes to keep those souls as warm as can be! And, what better time than to visit your favorite butcher shop in MA, Main Course Market! February 25th is National Chili Day – the ultimate soul-pleasing, taste bud thanking meal for everyone. Whether vegetarian or full of freshly ground meat, chili is a wintertime staple here in N[...]

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COVID Safe Massachusetts Catering

  Massachusetts catering has been a lifesaver for many. Whether you’re planning your best friend’s baby shower or a corporate luncheon, knowing your menu is in good hands is quite the relief! However, the current times have placed many gatherings on hold. As we slowly get back to grind, people are once again planning smaller events, and Main Course Market is here to help.   Planning ahead of time If you’ve ever been responsible for planning an event, you know that tim[...]

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Catering in Walpole, MA, and Surrounding Areas Is Back!!

  How excited are you? The team here at the Main Course Market is thrilled to once again offer catering in Walpole, MA, and surrounding areas! Off the scene for awhile has shown us how much our customers truly love our catering! So, thank you! If you’re not familiar with the catering provided, this article give you a very brief overview of how we can make your next gathering (small or big) a breeze!   Breakfast catering is always the best Although times are a bit differen[...]

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Have You Considered Massachusetts Catering This Thanksgiving?

  The 2020 holiday season will inevitably be unlike any we’ve known. With families modifying traditions to accommodate smaller groups, Thanksgiving dinner is also taking a new spin. Waking up before dawn to prepare and place the turkey in the oven, hours of chopping and baking in the kitchen, all to host family and friends over a Thanksgiving Feast will certainly be downsized. So, while everything is flipped upside down, now is your chance to kick back and relax with Massachusetts [...]

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  As the go-to butcher shop in MA, we’re often asked about meat selection. Knowing the differences between cuts and how to determine which is better than the next can be confusing. At Main Course Market, we’re dedicated to our customers and their experience. So, in this article, we’re providing you with an inside look at one of the most frequently requested cuts of meat – the steak tip.     Let’s start with the basics Chances are, you’re already familiar[...]

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