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Canton, MA,


The Main Course Market: Not Your Average Store

There are all kinds of places you can visit to purchase prepared meals. However, the most unique places are always best. Whether it is a more diverse selection, location, or other unique aspects, it is always fun to find a new market to purchase your food that offers a little extra. The Main Course Market is proud to serve those in Canton, Massachusetts looking for good food. We take pride in being a cut above the rest. Diversity We take pride in offering many kinds of food, and want to[...]

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The Many Catering Options of The Main Course Market

Finding the right food to satisfy all of your guests at an event is hard. There are so many tastes and opinions out there, it makes finding something everyone will agree on difficult. However, when a company has plenty of options available for catering in Westwood, MA, it becomes a bit easier to plan accordingly. The Main Course Market is proud to have a host of foods available for consumption, and we are ready to help with catering needs. These are our most popular menus. Starting Catering[...]

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Benefits of using a catering company

Managing or hosting an event comes with a lot of responsibilities. Organizing what food will be at the event is a big responsibility. You may not have a huge kitchen or the flatware and dishes available for the number of people that will be at your event. There are catering companies that handle every aspect of food preparation and cleanup. Some can provide plates and glassware, and other items you may need to make the event a success. Hiring a professional will give you time to organize other a[...]

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Event Catering

When planning an event, one of the many planning steps to be made is deciding if you want a caterer. Catering services give you the option of handing off food preparation to someone else so you can focus on other parts of your event. There are different types of catering offering different planning, pricing and ordering procedures. Some general types of catering to consider are: Wedding Catering, which makes a big impact on weddings. Planning includes decorations, dinner, dessert and wha[...]

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Planning Tips

It can be overwhelming to plan and host an event or party. You don’t want to forget the little things, you want it to be memorable, and it would be nice if you got to enjoy it too! Here are some tips to help you reduce the stress of party planning. Plan early. Pick a theme for your party and send out invites a few weeks ahead of time. Plan decoration ideas and what kinds of food you want, as well as activities. Making a list of all the things you need, or will need to buy or rent will give [...]

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