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End of Summer BBQ catering in Boston

Summer often feels like the fastest season of the year.  With August already upon us, many people are finishing up vacations and preparing the kids to head back to school.  Even though we tend to be forward thinkers, this is the perfect time of year to sit back and plan one last hurrah.  With BBQ catering in Boston, you can bring family and friends together before the hustle and bustle of fall arrives. Because quality matters, at Main Course Market, we provide on-site BBQ catering services th[...]

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Why You Should Cater Your Next Corporate Event

For those of you who have ever coordinated a corporate event, you know the details that need attending can be overwhelming.  From menus to presentations, venues to invitations, the list may seem endless.  However, with a call to your local cater, such as Main Course Market, you can obtain the freshest corporate catering in Boston with a few added benefits.   Saves Time With a simple call, you can relieve yourself of all responsibilities concerning the meal.  Well, almost all responsibil[...]

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Father’s Day Catering in Boston

With Father’s Day around the corner, there’s no better time to sit back and relax. Enjoying the company of Dad with good food and many laughs, the day is sure to be full of memories. Father’s Day is also the perfect time to consider catering in Boston and surrounding areas. Sure, you can have Dad man the grill, but wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was relaxing together? At Main Course Market we provide drop-off catering so no one will ever know you didn’t prepare for hours! Meat One s[...]

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BBQ Catering: Massachusetts Event Menu Planning

Although it’s outdoor event season in New England, BBQ catering in Massachusetts can benefit gatherings of all kinds.  From corporate to backyard barbeques, catering helps to relieve many unneeded stresses. If you’ve ever considered the use of professional catering, you know the hardest part is choosing the right menu for your guest.  The professionals at Main Course Market understand how overwhelming details can be.  That is why they have created these tips to consider when selecting[...]

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Why You Need BBQ Catering in MA

The long New England winter is coming to an end.  With Spring around the corner, weekends will soon be filled with outdoor events.  From graduations to wedding receptions, backyards will be filled with friends and family gathering to celebrate. Although the preparations can be extensive, hiring someone for your food service will save you many stresses and a lot of time! Backyard BBQ catering in MA will make your event memorable and keep your guests happy.  Whether large-scale or small, The Ma[...]

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