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Event Catering

When planning an event, one of the many planning steps to be made is deciding if you want a caterer. Catering services give you the option of handing off food preparation to someone else so you can focus on other parts of your event. There are different types of catering offering different planning, pricing and ordering procedures. Some general types of catering to consider are: Wedding Catering, which makes a big impact on weddings. Planning includes decorations, dinner, dessert and wha[...]

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Planning Tips

It can be overwhelming to plan and host an event or party. You don’t want to forget the little things, you want it to be memorable, and it would be nice if you got to enjoy it too! Here are some tips to help you reduce the stress of party planning. Plan early. Pick a theme for your party and send out invites a few weeks ahead of time. Plan decoration ideas and what kinds of food you want, as well as activities. Making a list of all the things you need, or will need to buy or rent will give [...]

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Tips for lessening stress when planning an event

Hosting a party or event can be overwhelming. You want your party to be amazing and memorable. It’s easy to forget the little things and get stressed out over the planning. There are a few ways to help make your next party more fun and less stressful on yourself. Organization is an important part of party-planning. Consider what kinds of food you want to serve and what kinds of activities you want to have. Having a list of what you need to bring the party together can help you keep organi[...]

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Benefits of celebrations for the workplace

When you have a celebration for the workplace, it gives employees recognition for the accomplishments they’ve made at work, showing that the employer values their contribution to the work place. Celebrations from birthday parties, holiday parties, to rewards for accomplishments in the company also give employees something to look forward to. We benefit from positive emotions, they broaden our thinking and open us to new ideas. Having a celebration gives your employees recognition for thei[...]

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