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BBQ Catering: Massachusetts Event Menu Planning

BBQ catering Massachusetts

Although it’s outdoor event season in New England, BBQ catering in Massachusetts can benefit gatherings of all kinds.  From corporate to backyard barbeques, catering helps to relieve many unneeded stresses. If you’ve ever considered the use of professional catering, you know the hardest part is choosing the right menu for your guest.  The professionals at Main Course Market understand how overwhelming details can be.  That is why they have created these tips to consider when selecting the best BBQ catering menu for your event.


Corporate Functions

If you are planning a corporate lunch or a large event, BBQ catering can offer many benefits.  From saving time to providing a variety of options for your attendees, you can be sure your meal is a success.  Choosing a catering company that offers drop-off services will keep your utilized space optimized for your guests.

However, when it comes to BBQ and corporate events, you want to be sure to keep your food options clean.  Sloppy BBQ ribs, although delicious, may not prove the most functional to those wearing work attire.  Menu items such as sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, or even macaroni and cheese will ensure your guests are not leaving covered in BBQ sauce.  With the addition of barbeque style sides, your luncheon is sure to be a success.


Wedding Receptions

Similarly, weddings may prove difficult for those dishes that are a bit messier.  However, if you’re hosting an outdoor reception, it is appropriate to provide the option to your guests.  Offering a variety of options that embrace authentic BBQ will prove the most success.  Menu items such as; barbeque chicken, grilled steak tips, and fresh herb grilled salmon will leave everyone with a meal sure to satisfy, but not ruin their outfit.


Private Gatherings

Now, here is where messy gets fun.  Private gatherings are casual and typically fun.  Because people arrive in their weekend gear, prepared to sit back and enjoy the time with family and friends, it’s more acceptable to walk around with that barbeque stain on your shirt.  That being said, bring on the pulled pork and barbeque ribs! When these dishes are paired with sides such as; cornbread, baked beans, grilled veggies, and potato salads, you truly will have yourself an authentic backyard barbeque.


No matter what type of event you’re planning for, Main Course Market has you covered.  Offering drop-off and on-site BBQ catering in Massachusetts, Main Course Market will ensure your guests leave satisfied.  Visit them online to view the full menus as well as pricing.  However, if you would prefer to speak with one of the staff members, contact Main Course Market at (781) 821-0005.