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Benefits of Eating Locally Grown Prepared Food in Canton, MA

It seems like common sense that locally grown food would be better for you. It’s undoubtedly fresher, but do you know precisely what the benefits are of eating local? At Main Course Market, we’re dedicated to offering the freshest prepared food in Canton, MA.

It’s Picked at Peak Ripeness

When food has to travel, it’s picked before it’s fully ripe, so it has more time before it spoils. When you choose locally grown produce, it’s been given more time to develop. In addition to being more flavorful, it also has more nutrients than it’s less ripe counterparts. Often, when you eat local food, it’s been picked in the last 24 hours.

More Nutritious!

As we said above, local food is more nutritious than it’s imported relatives. Since it’s had more time to grow, it has higher nutritional value. On the same token, it’s also had less time off the vine/tree/bush. When food has to travel, some of the nutrients break down. Locally grown fruits and vegetables have not had that same time to break down and therefore maintain a higher nutrient profile.

Support the Local Economy

At Main Course Market, we’re proud to be a part of the community. We strive to support our local businesses in the same way our clients support us, and part of that is to boost the economy in our area. When the local economy thrives, we all prosper.

Support the Local Environment

In a time when the planet needs more help than ever, it’s essential to cultivate and encourage farmland and green space around us. By using locally grown produce in our prepared food in Canton, MA, we hope to promote environmental protection in our community.

Safer Food Supply

When the food comes in trucks from across the country, it’s hard to determine where exactly it came from, and what exactly is put on it. When you buy from local sources, you know it is minimally processed.

The chefs here at Main Course Market are proud of our prepared food in Canton, MA, and we hope to help our customers and our community be the best they can be by using locally grown products whenever possible.