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Choosing the Best Cut of Beef for Your Holiday Meal

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With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to plan a trip to your local butcher shop in MA, the Main Course Market. Our shop has the largest selection of meats available. So much so that choosing the perfect cut for dinner can be overwhelming to many people! However, have peace of mind knowing that our team is here to help. This article covers a few choices when it concerns holiday meals and why they may be the best choice for you.



Beef tenderloin

As one of the more easily prepared meats, beef tenderloin is the perfect choice for those without a lot of extra preparation time to spare. Available in trimmed cuts, you’ll have no fat to deal with and an as-is perfect presentation! All that’s left for you to do is apply the seasonings and pop the roast in the oven! However, if you buy a tenderloin untrimmed, be prepared for a bit more work.



If opting for beef tenderloin, you’ll want to estimate approximately ½ pound per person. A typical tenderloin will feed 8-10 people, but larger cuts can be ordered.

Again, a primary feature that people enjoy about beef tenderloin is the minimal fat content. However, less fat means less natural flavor. Thus, you’ll want to apply plenty of seasoning. This is your chance to be as traditional or creative as you’d like! From salt, pepper, garlic, and thyme to wrapping your beef in bacon, the possibilities are limitless.



Prime Rib

One of the most popular choices for the holidays is a prime rib or a standing rib roast. Providing a larger content of fat, prime rib offers a variety of juicy, natural flavor without the addition of added spiced. However, we always recommended adding at least a small touch of seasoning!

With prime rib, you’ll want to account for approximately 1 pound per person. Thus, be prepared for a hefty cost when opting in for prime rib dinner. However, the end result will be worth every penny. One of the most essential elements of properly cooking your prime rib is taking into account the resting time. Once the roast is removed from the oven, you’ll want to let it sit for 15-30 minutes, where it will continue to cook.


Be sure to visit our suggested cooking instructions for optimal flavor and cooking temperatures.

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For all of your holiday dinner needs, stop into your favorite butcher shop in MA, the Main Course Market! Located at 11 Washington Street in Canton, our team is here to help make your dinner one that will have guests going back for seconds!