11 Washington Street

Canton, MA,

Why Choose The Main Course Market?

prepared mealsThere are all kinds of shops where you can buy prepared meals, and we know how overwhelming it gets to find one that suits all of your needs. However, we at The Main Course Market are confident you will be very happy you chose us once you pay us a visit! We have plenty of aspects about our business that are bound to please casual shoppers and serious foodies alike.

1.) Experience

We have been serving customers for over ten years, and it has offered us plenty of opportunities to get to know our customers and foods very well. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to point you in the right direction and keep you coming back for more!

2.) A Diverse Menu

There is no shortage of options when it comes to The Main Course Market’s menu. From salivating deli to hearty Italian dishes, it is all available under our roof. Your prepared meals will have plenty of variety, and you can find a dish to feed even the pickiest of eaters too!

3.) Catering

If you happen to enjoy our prepared meals, we have great news: we also offer catering, too! From bar and bat mitzvahs to corporate luncheons, there are many delicious options suitable for satisfying a larger audience. Take the taste you love to your next event!

4.) Always Expect Fresh Ingredients

The Main Course Market cares about the quality of our food. Each day, we receive locally sourced foods that we sell right back to you. Only the freshest ingredients are used in our meals, and you too will feel the difference!

5.) Customer Service

It is our duty to satisfy customers, and we also aim to keep you coming back to the Market. We are dedicated to strong customer service and product knowledge, and will offer it to anyone who walks through our door.

If you have not visited The Main Course Market, we hope this convinced you to give us a shot! For more information about our company and products, please give us a call at (781)-821-0005!