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Dinner Planning Stress? Why You Need Our Prepared Meals

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Beyond catering in Massachusetts, our team at Main Course Market is excited to offer our customers a variety of prepared meals. Not only are these meals an easy solution for quick impromptu catering needs, but they are also the perfect solution for those busy weekday nights. From seasonal soups to classic comfort dishes, we have the meals your family loves! Here are a few reasons to keep our number on speed dial.


Time is precious

From the moment we wake, our schedules are nonstop here in New England. With little time left for the things that truly matter, time becomes a valuable element. Thus, with a quick trip to the Main Course Market on your way home from work, you can put hours back in your corner. Spend your evening hours with family enjoying quality dinner conversation, not meal prepping, and cooking.



It’s hard to satisfy everyone

One of the biggest challenges for many when it comes to cooking dinner is finding a meal that everyone will enjoy. Especially if there are little ones involved. We’ve all been there, cooking for hours only to sit down and hear complaining. There’s green stuff in my pasta, the potatoes are touch my chicken, are there mushrooms in this sauce, on and on the list goes.

Save the headache and give us a call. Our kitchen is happy to accommodate requests ensuring that the whole family smiles when it’s time to sit and eat!


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You’ll never be without ingredients

Another common occurrence is when you reach for an ingredient only to discover it’s gone. Elbows deep in the recipe, you’re left scrambling to find substitute ingredients. Save the stress by knowing your meal is complete and ready to be warmed. Not only that, but you’ll also be serving your family the freshest, locally sourced ingredients when you give our team a call!


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Forget about spending hours in the kitchen preparing a family meal, give us a call today, and leave the stress at work. From full service catering in Massachusetts to bringing our prepared meals to your dinner table, the team at the Main Course Market has all of your needs covered.

Our kitchen is happy to accommodate special requests and dietary restrictions with adequate notice. With only the freshest ingredients, your family will be in awe at how you manage to handle everyday tasks while cooking such a delicious meal. Call today to place your order. And don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!