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Five Ways To Customize Catering

catering in MassachusettsCatering is great. It provides food for a large sum of people, requires little effort on the host’s end, and has plenty of options. There are many ways you can make your catering experience unique, which results in a positive experience for everyone. As always, when you need quality catering in Massachusetts, contact The Main Course Market.


1.) Compliment Your Theme

Do you have beach-inspired decor for your event? Get shellfish and other seaworthy items for guests to eat! People often think of catering as a standalone service, but it can be tethered to your theme if you put some thought into it and choose dishes that work with it.

2.) Fuse Cultures

Don’t be afraid to order vastly different food options. Some people love Italian, while others can’t stand it. Satisfy everyone in the crowd by offering a variety of dishes instead of one type of food. It’s easy to customize a menu, and you’ll be able to satisfy everyone if you cater to the most popular tastes.

3.) Look At Different Menus

Some eateries offer varied menus depending on the time of day, type of event, or time of year – ourselves included! Make catering in Massachusetts an adventure and browse all of the different menus you have at your disposal. You’ll be able to cater it to your event’s timeframe and get various options.

4.) Work With A Catering Director

Luckily for our customers, we have an expert Catering Director on hand to make life much simpler during the planning process. A director will help you craft a menu to you and your guests’ specifications, so there is plenty of room for unique touches.

5.) Add Something Extra

We offer wine and beer with most of our catering options, so there are plenty of fun beverages you can add to your menu. It makes the dining experience more well-rounded and exciting!


Planning an extensive menu for catering purposes doesn’t have to be entirely by-the-books. Have fun with it and make the experience customizable! For quality catering in Massachusetts, The Main Course Market is here for you. Give us a call at (781)-821-0005 and see what we can do for you today!