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Holiday Ready with Main Course Market

The holidays really shouldn’t be that stressful, but they are. Between shopping for gifts, attending holiday parties, cooking for said holiday parties, and maintaining a regular work schedule, it’s all just too much! Whether you’re hosting a party for one hundred or just tasked with bringing an appetizer, we’ve got your back. Here at Main Course Market, we offer a large selection of prepared foods, deli platters, ready to cook meats and seafood, and catering services to minimize your stress and allow you to enjoy the holidays.

Prepared Foods & Deli Platters

Our prepared foods are perfect tagalongs to a party, or for nightly dinners that you don’t have time for because you’re too busy baking gingerbread men. We offer homemade sandwiches to go for a quick and easy lunch and a variety of hot entrees. If you know what you want, you can call ahead, and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up on your way home.

Our deli platters are perfect appetizers to bring to a party! They’re quick, easy, and always a favorite.

Ready to Cook Meat & Seafood

Our in-house chefs and butchers strive to provide you with perfectly seasoned, ready to cook meat and seafood. In our butcher shop, you can choose from marinated and stuffed chicken breasts, steak tips, sausage, turkey tips, and various cuts of steaks, pork, and veal. With lots of marinades and flavor combinations to choose from, you’ll never be tired of a meal from Main Course Market. We also offer freshly caught seafood. Due to our lower supply requirements, it’s much fresher than what you’ll find in a supermarket.


The food is the most important part of any party. By choosing a catering service, you can provide a home cooked meal without having to stress over how long the turkey’s been in the oven. We offer several catering options and can accommodate lots of different dietary needs and preferences.

This holiday season, consider letting us help you out. Whether you’re too busy to cook dinner or need to feed a crowd, we’re on standby with our ovens ready! Visit our site here for more information about our services.