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It’s American Cheese Month: Spice Up Your Next Workplace Meeting

That’s right, October is the national month of American cheese. We’re not just taking a day to celebrate cheese, but a whole month. Why not, right? Here at The Main Course Market, we’re incorporating American cheese into your Massachusetts corporate catering meals. Making that Monday meeting, or that late Friday afternoon meeting a bit more enjoyable is what we do best! In honor of American Cheese, our team has created this fun little article full of exciting cheese-bits for your next trivia night! You’re welcome.


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The history behind the cheese.

As many people know, American cheese is a type of processed cheese. However, what many people don’t know is that the heritage behind this cheese dates back to the 1790s. We can thank the British colonists for the early beginnings of American cheese. With their arrival, the British brought with them the knowledge of making cheddar cheese. However, with a few changes, the term “American Cheese” was brought about. In fact, by the year 1878, the country was exporting nearly 355 million pounds of cheese per year!


The process of making the cheese.

Because the manufacturing of American cheese differs from “unprocessed” cheeses, federal laws mandate the cheese to be labeled as processed. This may turn several people away as we’ve been recently trained that anything processed is bad for our health. However, with American cheese, the requirement is simply that there be a mixture of two or more cheeses. For instance, cheddar and colby cheeses would qualify. Other cheeses can also be used in the mixture in combination with a dairy ingredient such as cream, milk, buttermilk, or cheese whey.


The myth behind the cheese.

Again, let’s go back to the embedded connotation of “processed” being something bad. This may be true for several items that you find at the local food store, but there is one key to making a smart choice here. The key to knowledge is knowing how to read ingredients. Those big scary words that we can’t pronounce aren’t necessarily horrible for us. Click here for a pretty interesting read on the breakdown of American cheese ingredients.


Who doesn’t love gooey cheese?

If you said to me, we don’t believe you! Cheeseburgers, nachos, grilled cheese, homemade macaroni and cheese, queso dips …. Nope, we just simply don’t believe it. This American classic is the perfect topper when you’re craving that warm gooey cheese. The creamy texture of American cheese makes it stand out from its competition.


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Next time you’re looking to spice up corporate catering in Massachusetts, help us take hats off to American cheese. Here at The Main Course Market, we have the meal solution you need to make your meeting a success. And, sure, we can leave the cheese aside if you truly prefer food that way. Just remember who told you so when your crowd says the food is missing something! Check out our catering menu online here. Happy National American Cheese month!