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Make Meatballs Like a Boston Catering Pro

When you need to feed a large group of people, there are some foods that automatically lend themselves to the occasion. One of those foods is meatballs, both because they are always popular and easy to make in large quantities. At Main Course Market, our meatballs are the perfect choice when you need Boston catering for your event. But it’s also easy to make delicious meatballs yourself.


Here are some tips to make your meatballs rival those you’ll get from Boston catering services!


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Start with the Basics

The base of any good meatball is the right blend of ground meats. The most common is an equal blend of beef and pork, but you can adjust the ratio—or just use one of the other—depending on your personal tastes. The goal is to use a combination of ground meats that won’t dry out.


All About the Flavor

Ground beef and pork by themselves won’t make a flavorful meatball. For that, you need a combination of herbs and spices. Italian seasoning, oregano, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper, and Worcestershire sauce are all common additions. Experiment with the flavors you like until you find your perfect blend of herbs and spices.


Hold It All Together

To help your meatballs hold their shape and keep them from drying out, you need something to bind them together. Breadcrumbs and eggs are the most common ingredients, but they’re not your only options. Soak your breadcrumbs in milk or cream, or replace all or some of your breadcrumbs with rolled oats.


The Perfect Shape

The perfect meatball is a perfect sphere. Roll each meatball gently between your palms until you form a perfect sphere. Try not to work them too much, as that can make the meat a little tough. Maintaining the shape of your meatballs also depends on cooking them evenly.


Cook to Perfection

There’s more than one way to cook your meatballs to perfection. You can bake, fry, or simmer them in marinara. For best results, we recommend baking or frying them first and then finish cooking them in marinara. This method results in a golden-brown exterior and maximum flavor.


Boston Catering from Main Course Market

Even if you manage to perfect your meatball recipe, cooking for a large group still takes a lot of time. When you have lots of other things to do, let us take care of the cooking. Main Course Market is ready to handle all your Boston catering needs.


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