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Why Prepared Meals Are A Great Go-To

prepared mealsWe’ve all been there: you’ve had a long day at work, are tired, or simply don’t have the supplies to cook a full meal. Ordering out or getting fast food is useful in a pinch, sure, but healthier alternatives are always better. We at Main Course Market know the value of a home-cooked meal, in terms of both taste and dietary value. That’s why we are such big fans of prepared meals and offer them to our customers!

All of the Food, Only Some of the Fat

Pre-made meals have everything in one spot, which makes preparation a snap. One of the best things about them, though, is that there are many healthier options on the market compared to fast food joints. A pre-made meal takes the prep work out of the equation and is still healthy.


More often than not, cooking over a stove or oven is not someone’s idea of fun. We get it, and that’s what makes our pre-made meals so useful. They cut prep and cook time, leaving more room for you to do whatever you need to do and spend less time worrying about how long you need to prepare. It’s all there!


Thanks to changing times and innovation, there are now more meal options than ever in our local market. Our selection at Main Course Market is varied, and you are bound to find a prepared dish that satisfies even the pickiest eater.

Portion Control

Have you ever “eyeballed” how much food you need to prepare a dish? Chances are you set aside too much or too little food or materials for what you need. Prepared meals are made in portions, so there is no guesswork when you purchase one. You’ll see exactly how much is offered right there, and you’ll be able to stock up accordingly.

This week, instead of calling your local takeout shop when you aren’t in a cooking mood, why not try prepared meals? Main Course Market has a great selection, and we’re happy to help you find a meal that will be a hit for everyone. Call us at (781)-821-0005 to learn more!