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Reasons to Throw a Party with MA BBQ Catering






With summer winding down and Labor Day weekend just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about back to school. But before you do, let’s savor the last few warm and sunny days we have left. If you’re thinking of throwing a bash to commemorate the end of the summer, consider calling us here at Main Course Market for all your MA BBQ catering needs.

End of Summer

As if you need a reason to throw a party, Labor Day weekend is the perfect excuse to party. It’s a long weekend, so you have plenty of time to celebrate and recover before going back to work on Tuesday. But if the thought of slaving over a hot grill all afternoon while your guests lounge in the pool seems a tad cruel, have no fear. You can still host a killer Labor Day bash without even sparking up the grill.

How? Just call in the professionals. Here at Main Course Market, we offer a variety of MA BBQ catering options. We have lots of meat – from burgers to hot dogs to steak tips – there is something for everyone. Our chefs can also whip up lots of different sides including cornbread and macaroni salad. We offer both onsite BBQ and drop-off BBQ options, so your guests won’t even know you didn’t do the work. Don’t worry; we don’t mind if you take all the credit.

Celebrate Labor Day

Work functions like barbecues and outings are the perfect way to show your employees you care, and also to build camaraderie and communication among your coworkers. To boot, Labor Day is meant to celebrate working people! It’s the perfect excuse to end the workday a little early and offer your staff a special treat. We provide onsite staff to make sure no one walks away hungry.

Why Choose Main Course Market?

Here at Main Course Market, we use the freshest ingredients, and always choose local when possible. We believe in supporting local businesses in our community, and fresh ingredients always taste better. We also make our pasta and potato salads from scratch in our kitchens, making it a step above other catering services.

Our MA BBQ Catering is a reason to celebrate in itself, but adding it to any party or work function is guaranteed to keep the summer mindset going just a little bit longer. For more information about our menus and services, please call us at 781-821-0005.