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Tips for lessening stress when planning an event

Catering in Canton MA from Main Course MarketHosting a party or event can be overwhelming. You want your party to be amazing and memorable. It’s easy to forget the little things and get stressed out over the planning. There are a few ways to help make your next party more fun and less stressful on yourself.

  • Organization is an important part of party-planning. Consider what kinds of food you want to serve and what kinds of activities you want to have. Having a list of what you need to bring the party together can help you keep organized and make sure you aren’t forgetting anything.
  • Having activities for children is a good idea so they aren’t bored and asking their parents when they can go home. Having a kid’s table and activities for them if there will be children is a good idea so everyone can enjoy themselves.
  • Having a theme for a party helps set the tone. Anything from birthday parties to holiday parties can have a theme, which adds a creative flair.
  • Consider what kind of plates and silver wear you’ll be using. Consider disposable options to keep down on preparation and for easier clean up.
  • Give yourself time to get ready for the party and give yourself time before guests arrive so you aren’t feeling rushed. As the host, you set the tone, having a relaxed attitude will translate to your guests.
  • Instead of worrying about having food for everyone and spending the majority of the time in your kitchen preparing food, hire a caterer. Catering will save you the time and trouble of prep work, and sometimes from serving and clean up depending on what services they offer.

The Main Course Market offers many options that are perfect for any event. You can pick up or request deliver and set up, our staff of professionals are available to cook, serve, and clean up. If you’re looking for catering in Canton, MA, give us a call at 781-821-0005 for more information.