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What Makes the Perfect Charcuterie Board?

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With the holiday season nearing, many people are searching for the perfect dish. From versatile offerings to perfect presentations, the pressure can be overwhelming! However, when you consider charcuterie boards, you have the best of both worlds. As a premier MA catering company, our team from the Main Course Market is taking this time to delve into this trendy, yet always satisfying, plate. And the best part…

You can find just about everything you need here at our store! 


The Breakdown

We’re sure you’ve seen different types of extravagant charcuterie boards all over the internet, especially on Pinterest. We’ve all talked about making one, but, as mentioned, the creation process can get a little overwhelming. Take a step back with these simple-to-follow steps on creating your own board that is sure to wow guests!


Pick Out Your Board

The first step is choosing your board! Doing this beforehand will help determine how many items you’ll want to buy to fit on your board.



The amount of cheese will vary depending on what size board you have, but let’s say we’re working with a large board. You’ll want around 3 to 4 kinds of cheese with different consistencies. Below are some examples:


  • Hard cheese: parmesan or asiago chunks, gouda
  • Firm cheese: cheddar, gruyere
  • Semi-soft: brie, mascarpone, burrata
  • Cheese crumbles: goat cheese, feta



You can choose just about any type of cured meats you want, but if you’re unsure where to start, we’ve got you covered! Don’t be afraid to include other things like deli meats as well. Here are a few options:


  • Prosciutto
  • Pepperoni
  • Bresaola
  • Pancetta
  • Salami
  • Smoked meats


Crackers and Bread

If you’re using a large board, choose around 3-4 types of bread and crackers. If you’re including spreads like jams or a pate, bread is a great option. Look for sourdough, ciabatta, rye, or pita bread! Cracker options like water crackers, multi-seed crackers, and buttery crackers are good starting points.



Jams and chutneys are a great first option when selecting a spread. Flavored jams like caramelized onion, fig, strawberry, cranberry orange, hot pepper jelly, and blueberry are great options! Hot pepper jelly also pairs well on top of cream cheese. 

Mustard is an ideal addition to your board. Dijon, stone ground, and spicy brown mustard are some great choices! Some other spreads include hummus, pate, and honey. Honey pairs well with goat cheese!



Cornichon pickles are known for their slightly sweet and tart flavor. These will pair well with most items on your board, especially meats. Other additions like pistachios, candied pecans, almonds, cocktail onions, and olives are a great fill-in for extra spaces on your board!


 Looking for Catering in MA? Choose Main Course Market!

These steps are only to get you started, remember, there’s room to get creative! If you’re searching for catering in MA, prepared foods, gift baskets, a butcher shop, and more, visit Main Course Market! We’re here to help make your holiday season less stressful with the ultimate selection of the freshest ingredients and prepared foods in the region!


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